“it was also famous for certain types of fruits: the Fosini pears, cherries and almonds of Fosini were considered the best in the entire area…”

    Marquee Piero Antinori

    Marchese Piero Antinori


    “Today the property covers about 2,000 hectares. We've reclaimed about 30 ha for intensive farming, but in reality, the land has been entirely reclaimed…”

    Mr. Agr. Giacomo Baffetti,Agriculture Scholar

    Dott. Agr. Giacomo Baffetti

  • Fosini and its magic

    “There, where the calcareous cliffs sustain the castle, the lanner falcon and peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk, owls and barn owls, the kestrel and the buzzard fly and nest, we felt as if we were flying, too…”.

    Dr. Marco Magnifico. Vice Executive Chairman FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (National Trust of Italy)

    Dott. Marco Magnifico. Vice Presidente Esecutivo FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

  • There haven't been years as wonderful as those I lived there”

    Carolina Sandra Nastasi

  • There everything was magic”

    Lia Nastasi

  • There was an air of solidarity and love”

    Mauro Bardi

  • Hunting in Fosini was wonderful and those memories make me happy”

    Piero Antinori

  • There was no envy, nor conflict; there was no fear”

    Mauro Bardi

  • Thinking about the castle, I remember the best time of my life”

    Lia Nastasi