The hunting ranch falls entirely within the property of Castello di Fosini.
It stretches over a total surface of 300 hectares between 397 and 967 metres asl.
As far as vegetation, the territory is characterised by oak, ilex, chestnut and hop hornbeam forests mixed or alternating with fir and black pine forests. The vineyards and the clearings are nestled in the heart of the estate and entirely surrounded by wooded areas.
The great environmental vastness and variability allows for great biodiversity in the forests with high trunk areas trading off repeatedly with brushlands.
These characteristics together with the natural presence of many species of hoofed animals have made it possible to consolidate the consistence by adding selected exemplars of: deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and boar. 
Today, this population makes possible both driven hunting and selective hunting catching perfectly respectable trophies. The hunt of hoofed animals mainly takes place within a fenced-in area of approximately 180 hectares that a maximum of 15 hunters can have access to each hunt, thus guaranteeing maximum safety and excellent quality. 
The few areas not covered by woods host a large number of pheasants and red partridges that we have added and monitor, these, too, may be hunted on company premises, mainly through English drives.
Being a hunting ranch nestled in one of the last truly uncontaminated areas in Italy, the hunt is practised ethically and is monitored, managed and controlled by qualified, professional technical personnel. 


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